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Are you kidding me Will, you just sit around in your cell in your underwear waiting for people to give you your food?

Don’t give him that shy little look, you knew what you were doing when you undressed to get fed.

will graham is such a slut, like wow

"Oh My! I dropped my dry, stale bread and brown slop on the floor, let me just  bend down and get it…"

ENTER sexy orderly MATT with TRAY OF FOOD.  WILL lounges on his PRISON-CELL BED in his UNDERWEAR.

MATT:  Mr. Graham, time for your dinner.

WILL sits up and saunters over to the bars, face to face with MATT. 

WILL: Oh, hello Matt.  (He presses his chest against the bars and sighs)  Have you brought me something good to put in my mouth? 

MATT:  Well, let’s see what we have here… (He examines the tray)  You have your bread, your brown slop, green beans…  

WILL:  Wow, that is such a thick…long…serving of meat you have there.  Is that all for me?

MATT: Mhmm…  It might be a little hardbut it sure is hot.  

MATT slides the tray through the special slot and WILL grabs it immediately.  WILL dips his index finger into the WHITE SUBSTANCE on the tray and brings it to his lips.

WILL: Mmm, you know how much I love the white stuff…  It’s so thick and salty.

MATT:  I gave you everything I could, Mr. Graham.  And now I’m gonna watch you swallow every last drop.

WILL sucks on his white-covered FINGER and moans wantonly.  He can’t get enough of the WHITE SUBSTANCE.  It coats his lips and a few STRAY DROPS run down his CHIN. 

WILL: Oooooh, it’s sooooo good.  

Suddenly, WILL turns around and faces the SECURITY CAMERA in the corner of his cell.  He LICKS his LIPS sensually and pouts.

WILL:  Oh Doctor Chiltooooon…I wish you were here.  I want you…TO HAVE A TERRIBLE APRIL FOOL’S DAY, YOU CREEPY BASTARD!”

WILL turns back to MATT, who HI-FIVES him through the bars.  BOTH MEN laugh hysterically.  In the distance, CHILTON screams in frustration.  Everything is as it should be.



My Favorite Line:

"…I’m probably more guilty of racism and sexism than HANNIBAL or Bryan Fuller. I admit I unabashedly tried to point my ass towards the camera every chance I could get, and I begged them to turn me into an eggroll. Neither attempts were successful."


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